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Selenia K Pure Energy is the new fully synthetic lubricant for new petrol engines. With its low ash content it passes the new ACEA C3 specification and offers total protection of the catalyst, thereby lengthening its life cycle.
    • Selenia K Pure Energy is the lubricant especially formulated to maximise fuel economy, warrant compliance with anti-pollution regulations, protect engines created to operate at ever higher temperatures and enhance the typically sporty character in turbocharged versions.
    • Painstaking study has led to the definition of Selenia K Pure Energy where particular additives warrant very high thermal stability that sets this product apart from all its predecessors. This feature, combined with very low cold viscosity and a low friction coefficient make Selenia K Pure Energy the best product with which to achieve top engine performance ensuring full enjoyment and protection of it.

Technical data:

SAE 5W-40,VW 505.01,API SM/CF,ACEA C3,MB-Approval 229.51,BMW LL-04,VW 502.00-505.00,FIAT 9.55535-S2 CONTRACTUAL TECHNICAL REFERENCE N°F603.C07